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Solitaire Games
for PocketPC
  King Sol Solitaire 2004
for Windows
  King Sol (Windows)
Arcade Games
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  Arcade Pack
  Cubicle Chaos
  Fire Drill
  Stock Scramble
  Task Master
  Killer Commute
King Sol King Sol
Rapture's King Sol solitaire collections are the perfect way to have fun.  Whether you are an avid solitaire player or just like to play occasionally you'll find lots of enjoyable games in any one of our solitaire collections.
King Sol for PocketPC King Sol Solitaire 2004 for PocketPC 
King Sol
for PocketPC is the best-in-class collection of 300 solitaire games perfectly designed for your PocketPC.  It's user-friendly interface and incredible feature-set makes King Sol the standard for PocketPC solitaire game collections
King Sol for Windows King Sol for Windows 
King Sol
for Windows is a collection of 422 solitaire games.  It's user-friendly interface and incredible feature-set makes King Sol the new standard for solitaire game collections.
It is the only "skinnable" solitaire game on the market.

Rapture's Arcade Pack : Office Edition
Experience the excitement of Rapture's Arcade Pack: Office Edition as you attempt to master five fun arcade-style games of speed, skill, and general office mayhem.  Contains all five of the office arcade games: Cubicle Chaos, Fire Drill, Stock Scramble, Task Master, and Killer Commute.  Enjoy all five games in one money-saving bundle!

Cubicle Chaos Cubicle Chaos
You’ve got to have quick reactions to knock down your coworker’s cubicles with the bouncing ball before the ball bounces past you.  Catch the stock options and coffee cups that fall, but avoid those pink slips!

Fire Drill Fire Drill
Fires are breaking out in the office and it’s up to you to put them out before the office goes completely out of control!  Grab your extinguisher and hurry around desks, cubicles, and file cabinets.  Don’t forget to use the water coolers!

Stock Scramble Stock Scramble
Stock options are great unless management is trying to take them away!  Gather up all your certificates before the “bosses” get to you as you climb ladders, ride elevators, and even hide in the restroom!

Task Master Task Master
Now it’s your turn to be the boss as you try to corral your fellow workers together to get to the office!  They wander aimlessly until you tell them what they need to do to get over the hurdles and get to work.  But if you are not quick enough, you’ll lose them!

Killer Commute Killer Commute
You’ve got to get to the office without being late, but you have traffic, joggers and skateboarders who stop for no one.  This game requires good timing and quick responses as you weave your way to work, just watch out for the birds!

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