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Killer Commute Killer Commute
The left, right, up, and down arrow keys are used to control the heroís movement in four directions. 

The terrain types can affect your movement speed.  Streets, sidewalks, and pathways allow the player to move at a normal rate.  Grass areas will cause the player to move at a much slower rate.

Gameplay Objects
  • Automobiles travel horizontally at a predetermined speed, pattern and direction.  With careful timing, you can safely navigate through the busy streets.
  • Joggers and skaters travel through the park, preferring to stay on the sidewalks and trails.  Although they enter at a constant interval, they are very unpredictable in the route they will take through the park.
  • Dogs and birds travel horizontally through the park at a predetermined speed and direction.  They arenít quite as predictable as the automobiles.
  • The countdown timer in the upper left hand portion of the screen shows the time remaining before the employee is considered late and gets fired.

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