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If you have a question or need help with this product please review the following list of frequently asked questions.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please visit the main support page for further information and instructions.

  • Video Cards and Display Problems


    1. A DirectX error occurred during setup.  Why did this occur?

      Rapture's Arcade Pack : Office Edition is designed to run under DirectX and will install the drivers necessary during the setup.  If an error occurs during setup, note the error message provided by the setup. Check your system drivers or hardware specifications to determine the compatibility with recent versions of DirectX.

      Some video cards may encounter problems when using accelerated video drivers, video drivers with more than 256 colors, or high-resolution video drivers.

      If you run into display problems try switching to a driver supplied with Windows 98. 
      For details on how to change drivers or switch to a different display mode, see your Windows documentation.

    2. I got a message regarding a version conflict with DirectX during setup.  What does this mean?

      You may encounter a version conflict dialog when running the setup program related to the installation of the DirectX drivers. Note the error message and refer to the above instructions (question #1).


      • During the Setup, you will be notified to discontinue any running programs that may interfere with the installation. Before continuing, it is recommended that you close those programs. This better ensures a successful installation.
      • Some programs, such as anti-virus applications that load automatically at startup, may be more difficult to close than others. If you are unable to close these programs, you can continue with the Setup by clicking the Next button. In most cases, the Setup will complete successfully. However, should you run into problems, for example, your system stops responding for several minutes during Setup, please try the steps below to disable all running applications prior to installing the product.

        Recommended steps to disable programs that load during startup:
        1. Restart your computer.
        2. While Windows is loading, hold down the Shift key.
        3. After booting up, but before running other programs, press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys together ONCE.  If there are programs in the list other than Explorer and Systray, select them and click the End Task button.

        Programs may also load automatically in the Startup folder. These items can be temporarily moved to another temporary folder or to your desktop until the installation in completed. Once finished they can be placed back in the Startup folder. This folder is located in: Windows\StartMenu\Programs\Startup, and the items appear as shortcuts. Once moved from your Startup folder, be sure to restart your computer so that the changes will take effect.

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