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Download Gallery
Welcome to the download gallery for King Sol.  You can download and use these files to customize the appearance of the game.  Click on the tabs below to view each section of the gallery.
Backgrounds Card Decks Sounds Skins
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How to create and use your own decks:
1. Scan the picture that you want to use.
2. Use an image editing program to crop the picture to the desired size.
3. Save the image as a Windows Bitmap (.BMP) file in the "Decks" folder in the folder that you installed King Sol.
How to add files from other directories:
1. Select "Tools" and then "Customize" from the main menu in King Sol.
2. Click the "Decks" tab
3. Click the "Add a deck..." button and select the file that you want to add.
4. The file is copied to the Decks directory and is available for selection.


How to download and install card decks:
1. Click on the image for the deck.
2. Select "Save this file to disk"
3. Select the "Media" folder in the folder that you installed King Sol (eg. "\Program Files\Rapture Technologies, Inc.\King Sol\Media"). 
4. For the Windows version of King Sol, specify the "Media" folder in the folder that you installed King Sol (eg. "\Program Files\Rapture Technologies, Inc.\King Sol\Media".  For the PocketPC version of King Sol, specify a folder on your hard drive and then copy the file to the "Program Files\Games\King Sol\Media" folder on your PocketPC device.

File Size:
164 KB
Images Bird, butterfly, cats (4), cheetah, dog, eagle (2), fish, frog, lion, squirrel, tiger (2)

File Size:
20 KB
Images Flower, roses

File Size:
30 KB
Images Military jet (2), stealth fighter

File Size:
Nature & Places.ksm
200 KB
Images Alaskan mountains, beach, California coast, clouds, Great Wall, Statue of Liberty, lightning (2), mountains (2), ocean, Mount Rushmore, sky (5), sunset, tree, tsunami, waterfall

File Size:
21 KB
Images Mona Lisa, windmill

File Size:
Solid Colors.ksm
4 KB
Images Blue, cyan, green, purple, red, yellow

File Size:
20 KB
Images Moon, space shuttle

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