Accordion Aces Up Ace Through King
Add Across (3x3) Add Across (4x4) Add Across (5x5)
Add Across (6x6) Add Up Tens Adela Patience
Agnes Bernauer Agnes Sorel Algerian Patience
Alhambra Ali Baba All Four Suits
Alternation Amazons American Toad
Anna Archway Around the Circle
Artic Garden Auld Lang Syne Aztec Pyramids
Baker's Dozen Baker's Game Batsford
Beleaguered Castle Betsy Ross Big Ben
Big Forty Bisley Black Hole
Black Widow Blind Alleys Blind Patience
Blockade Block Ten Blondes and Brunettes
Board Patience Boxing the Compass Box Kite
Bridesmaids Brigade Bristol
British Constitution British Square Buffalo Bill
Buried Treasure Busy Aces Calculation
Can Can Canfield Canister
Capricieuse Captive Queens Carlton
Carpet Castles in Spain Cat's Cradle
Chameleon Chessboard Cicely
Citadel Clock Club
Colorado Concentration Cone
Congress Constitution Contradance
Corners Corona Counting
Courtyard Cover Up Crescent
Criss Cross Cruel Curds and Whey
Czarina Dealer's Dozen Decade
Destiny Deuces Deuces Up
Dial Dieppe Diplomat
Doorway Double Canfield Double Canfield II
Double Fourteens Double Klondike Double Line
Double or Nothing Double or Quits Double Rail
Double Rotation Double Scorpion Doublets
Duchess Duke Dutch Windmill
Eagle Wing Easthaven Easthaven Two Deck
Egyptian Pyramid Egyptian Pyramids Eighteens
Eight Mighty Monarchs Eight Off Elevens
Emperor Esmerelda Even Steven
Exit Faerie Queen Falling Star
Famous Fifty Fan Fanny
Fascination Fan Fifteen Puzzle Fifteens
Final Battle Financier Five and Diamond
Five and Ten Five by Five Five Piles
Floradora Flower Garden ForeCell
Fort Fortress Fortune's Favor
Forty and Eight Forty-Nine Forty Thieves
Four Leaf Clovers Four Seasons Four Square
Fourteen Out Fourteens Four Winds
Free Milligan FreeCell Frog
Gaps Garden of Eden Gargantua
Gate General's Patience German Cross
German FreeCell German Patience Giant
Giza Glencoe Gloucestershire
Golf Golf A-K Good Measure
Good Times Grand Duchess Grandfather
Grandmamma's Patience Great Wheel Grounds for Divorce
Haden Harp Heads and Tails
Hit Or Miss Hodge Podge House in the Wood
House on the Hill Imperial Guard Imperial Guards
Indefatigable Indian Indian Patience
Intelligence Interment Interregnum
Intrigue Jacks in Array Jack Straws
Just Right King Albert Kingdom
Kings Kings and Queens King's Audience
Kingsdown Eights Kingsley King's Way
Kleine Napoleon Klondike Klondike By Threes
Klondike Two Deck Knotty Nines La Belle Lucie
Labyrinth Ladies' Battle Lady Betty
Lady of the Manor Lady Palk Laggard Lady
Lanes La Parisienne Last Chance
Leave Only One (4x4) Leave Only One (5x5) Leoni's Own
Letter H Letter T Limited
Little Billie Little Forty Little Napoleon
Little Napoleon II Little Spider Little Windmill
Louis Lucas Lucky Thirteen
Mamy Susan Maria Marriages
Martha Match 'em (8x3) Match 'em (8x4)
Match 'em (8x5) Match 'em (8x6) Matrimony
Maze Midshipman Milligan Harp
Miss Milligan Miss Muffet Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo II Moojub More Klondike
Mount Olympus Mrs Mop Napoleon
Napoleon's Exile Napoleon's Square Nationale
Nestor New York Nines
Ninety-One Nivernaise Number Ten
Octagon Octave Odd and Even
One234 Osmosis Outback Patience
Pairs Parisienne Pas Seul
Patriarchs Peek Penguin
Perpetual Motion Perseverance Persian Patience
Pharaohs Picture Patience Pigtail
Pilferers Playback Poker Solitaire
Precedence Push and Pull Push Pin
Puss in the Corner Put Them in Order (3x3) Put Them in Order (4x4)
Put Them in Order (5x5) Putt Putt Pyramid
Pyramid II Pyramid Golf Pyramid Thieves
Q.C. Quadrangle Queen of Italy
Queens and Jacks Queensland Rachel
Raglan Rainbow Rainbow Fan
Rank and File Rank by Rank Red and Black
Remember 10 Remember 11 Remember 12
Remember 13 Repair Reserved Pyramid
Reserves Reversi Right and Left
Robbers Robert Rotation
Rouge et Noir Royal Aids Royal Cotillion
Royal Family Royal Marriage Royal Parade
Royal Rendezvous Russian Spider Russian Solitaire
Salic Law San Juan Hill Scarab
Scorpion Scotch Patience Sea Towers
Senate Senior Wrangler Serpent
Serpent Poker Solitaire Seven Devils Seven Up
Shady Lanes Shah of Persia Shamrocks
Shifting Simple Pairs Simple Simon
Simplex Simplicity Single Rail
Sir Tommy Sixes and Sevens Solid Square
Somerset Spanish Patience Spider
Spiderette Spider One Suit Spider Two Suits
Spider Up Squadron Square
Squared Away Stalactites Step Up
Steps Stinger St. Helena
Stonewall Storehouse Strategy
Streets Streets and Alleys Striptease
Stronghold Suit by Suit Suit Yourself
Sultan of Turkey Super Flower Garden Superior Canfield
Swiss Patience Tam O'Shanter Tens
The Flea The Plot The Spark
The Wish Thirteens Thirty-Nine Steps
Thirty-Six Three Shuffles and a Draw Thumb and Pouch
Toni Tournament Tower of Hanoy
Transformation Travelers Trefoil
Triad Triangle Triple Line
Triple Peaks Trusty Twelve Twenty
Twenty Eight Thieves Twenty One Robbers Twenty One Robbers II
Twilight Zone Two Rings Up or Down
Ups and Downs Variegated Canfield Vertical
Virginia Reel Waning Moon Westcliff
Westward Bound Wheatsheaf Whitehead
Whitehorse Will o' the Wisp Windmill
Wings Yukon Yukon Two Deck
Zerline Zodiac