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Doug Gillespie
Rapture Technologies, Inc.
(972) 889-1699

Two Top 7th Level Development Managers Leave to Form Rapture Technologies Company Develops a Next Generation Content Delivery System

Dallas, TX (February 5, 1998)—Today Rapture Technologies, Inc. announced the formation of the six-month old company by its two partners, Doug Gillespie and Jeff English, whose innovative products have won more than 100 awards. The talented team, former Vice President of Research and Development and Office of the President and former Director of System Technologies at 7th Level, Inc., was the original architects of the highly acclaimed multimedia engine, TopGun . Their technology provided the basis for all 7th Level products and was utilized in the creation of products for Microsoft, Disney Interactive, Bandai Digital Entertainment and other companies.

Since its formation, Rapture Technologies has been architecting and developing a next generation media content delivery system that will be used to provide solutions to multimedia developers and other emerging technology . "The creation of this engine is in line with our strategy to provide superior system technology to strategic partners who want to develop CD-ROMs, leverage the Internet or have other technology needs," said Doug Gillespie, President and CEO. "Our system is designed for flexibility and customer growth."

Rapture Technologies offers its clients three levels of service: analysis, design and implementation. It supplements existing R&D groups or functions entirely as a client’s development group. Additionally the company provides leadership and management services for an existing development team. "Our goal is to build custom solutions for clients," stated Mr. Gillespie. "Our company is an excellent source for companies who need to evaluate current directions, develop new strategies, architect and design new versions of existing products or design entirely new products."

"Doug and I have worked together for more than eight years and understand, in this fast moving technology industry, the importance of having a well-architected system," said Jeff English, Executive Vice President of Research and Development. "We build products designed for years of growth that leverage new and evolving technologies."

The experience of Rapture Technologies’ team speaks for itself. This team has consistently completed quality products for industry giants on time and within budget. Among other projects at 7th Level, they managed and architected Microsoft and Lyrick Studios’ four Barney ActiMates titles, Bandai Digital Entertainment’s Tamagotchi CD-ROM and Disney Interactive’s Timon & Pumbaa’s Jungle Games and The Hunchback of Notre Dame Topsy Turvy Games.

Rapture Technologies, Inc., based in Richardson, Texas, is a privately owned developer of multimedia products and technology for a variety of hardware and software platforms. Founded in 1997 by a team of veteran executives, Rapture Technologies forms strategic relationships to produce products and technologies for emerging .

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