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Doug Gillespie
Rapture Technologies, Inc.
(972) 889-1699

Rapture Technologies Developing Games for Windows-powered Pocket PCs Cubicle Chaos and Fire Drill included in Fun Pocket PC Expansion Pack

DALLAS, TX (April 19, 2000) – Rapture Technologies showcases its superior technology and game development today at the Pocket PC launch in New York City’s Grand Central Station. Moses, Rapture’s proprietary engine, was adapted for Windows-powered Pocket PCs; and the company is developing a number of arcade games that really capture the fun, graphically pleasing and rich gameplay of the platform. Two games, Cubicle Chaos and Fire Drill, were demonstrated at the launch and will be included in the Fun Pocket PC Expansion Pack.

"We are excited to have been selected as one of the premier providers to demonstrate our technology and games at the Pocket PC launch," said Rapture’s President, Doug Gillespie. "The powerful combination of our Moses engine, the rich development environment enabled by the Pocket PC Game APIs, and the great color screens, powerful processors and stereo sound of the Pocket PC devices has made it possible for you to experience desktop-quality entertainment on a device that fits in your pocket."

Rapture’s advanced multimedia content delivery engine, Moses, is designed for a wide range of entertainment and educational products on a variety of hardware and software platforms, including wireless, handheld and Internet. Moses is designed to leverage the latest hardware and software technologies and is equipped with the features required for online users. Rapture’s advanced game development library, Aaron , is designed to complement and enhance Moses application development.

"Pocket PCs are versatile and provide more options than any other device to meet your business needs as well as make the most of your free time," said Rogers Weed, director of marketing for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "Rapture Technologies has expertly designed games with rich colors and excellent gameplay, making them great travel companions."

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Windows-powered Pocket PCs, the next-generation PDAs from Microsoft and its partners, offer customers the best way to connect to their most essential information while away from their desk, yet are versatile enough to satisfy the personal needs of today's busy mobile lifestyle. Pocket PCs already include a broad range of native business, personal productivity, and entertainment applications, yet can easily be expanded to adapt to each customer's changing needs through a continually growing number of industry standard hardware and software expansion options.

Rapture Technologies, Inc., based in Richardson, Texas, is a privately owned developer of multi-media products and technology for a variety of hardware and software platforms. Founded in 1997 by a team of executives whose technology has been used by industry leaders such as Microsoft and Disney Interactive, Rapture Technologies forms strategic relationships to produce products and technologies for emerging markets.  Additional information may be found at www.rapturetech.com.

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