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Solitaire Games
for PocketPC
  King Sol Solitaire 2004
for Windows
  King Sol (Windows)
Arcade Games
for Windows
  Arcade Pack
  Cubicle Chaos
  Fire Drill
  Stock Scramble
  Task Master
  Killer Commute
Rapture Technologies Developing Games for Windows-powered Pocket PCs
Cubicle Chaos and Fire Drill included in Fun Pocket PC Expansion Pack

April 19, 2000 - Rapture showcases its superior technology and game development today at the Pocket PC launch in New York City’s Grand Central Station. Moses, Rapture’s proprietary engine, was used to develop the games demonstrated at the launch that will be included in the Fun Pocket PC Expansion Pack.


Microsoft and Industry Partners Put Personality in Pocket PCs

April 19, 2000 - Great Games, Web Sites, Music and Books from Rapture Technologies, AltaVista Shopping.com, Columbia TriStar Interactive, Supersoni.com, Slate and Others Let Users Make the Most of Their Free Time

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Creative Capers Entertainment and Rapture Technologies Form Digital Doorway

August 18, 1998 - Creative Capers, a leading independent animation and creative development studio; and Rapture, developers and architects of advanced content delivery systems, have formed Digital Doorway to create, produce and market products for the PC, console, handheld and online.


Two Top 7th Level Development Managers Leave to Form Rapture Technologies
Company Develops a Next Generation Content Delivery System

February 5, 1998 - Today Rapture Technologies, Inc. announced the formation of the six-month old company by its two partners, Doug Gillespie and Jeff English, whose innovative products have won more than 100 awards. Rapture has been architecting and developing a next generation media content delivery system that will be used to provide solutions to emerging technology.



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