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King Sol for Pocket PC: The Most Complete Solitaire For Any PDA
By Henry Kong, August 7th, 2001

Solitaire games are games that are a heaven-match for PDAs. It does not require your undivided attention like arcade games; you can pause at any time and take you time. King Sol is a game that you will enjoy as comic relief from a hard's day work or a boring business trip. With over 60 flavours to choose from, you will never find this game monotonous. Oh yes, I also liked the animation and nice sounds.


Games on the Run
By Rob Borek, June 19, 2001

After we were teased with Cubicle Chaos and Fire Drill in the FunPak promotion in the summer and fall of 2000, the entire Games PocketPak is now released. There are five excellent games, all business-related in some way, that will keep you busy between meetings.


Cubicle Chaos: Revenge Dilbert Style!
By Rob Borek, Dec 1, 2000

This is an excellent game that had me hooked in seconds with its game play and great graphics! Iím looking forward to more games from Rapture!


Fire Drill: Some Like It Hot!
By Jason Dunn, April 19, 2000

Finally, the type of game I've been waiting for! Fire Drill, from Microsoft and Rapture Technologies Inc., is a high-quality, unique game with impressive graphics and game play. Most importantly, it has me hooked!



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